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The emergence of COVID 19 as a threat to health and welfare globally and the measures taken to halt its spread have affected and will continue to affect our lives for many months to come.

For those of us engaged in commercial dispute resolution, however, technology is readily available to permit mediations and arbitrations to take place in a virtual environment that respects all local, provincial and federal laws, orders and guidelines. 

Service providers such as Arbitration Place offer a full complement of tried and tested virtual hearing tools and resources. The adjustment to a virtual environment is easier than one might imagine, producing settlements and awards indistinguishable from those achieved by in-person attendance. 


The Seoul Protocol and other similar norms are another good starting point for party agreement on virtual mediation and arbitration procedures in an international context.

If you wish to schedule a virtual mediation or arbitration, please contact my Mediation and Arbitration Coordinator, Teresa DeSousa, at, 416.368.8280.

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